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3 Reasons a Wireless Solution Promotes a More Productive Workforce

Do a little research on wireless solutions in the workplace and within minutes, you’ll start to notice a pattern.

In between all the solution pitches and wireless keyboards, you should see terms like “employee engagement,” “productivity,” and “efficiency.” This is because wireless solutions promote a mobile workforce, and a mobile workforce is inherently more engaged, more productive, and more efficient. And here are three reasons why.

1. Tasks are completed quicker.

Companies that transition to a modern wireless solution can complete tasks up to 37% faster than they did without one. Why is this? Well, just think about it.

With a wireless solution, you aren’t bound to your desk by cords and cables. So if you need to attend a team meeting, you can simply take your laptop into the conference room and work on the project from there. Forget pen and paper and stop huddling around one tiny desk. You can access the internet from any place in the building and with any device you have, so spread out and maintain your productivity.  

2. Employees are more creative.

People love their freedom, and they love their phones even more. Take either of these away from your staff and your business will see a drop in a number of areas — creativity included. In fact, the EIU says that a company that embraces mobility, wireless solutions, and personal devices in the workplace will experience up to an 18% boost in creativity.

To understand this, you first have to consider employee engagement. When employees are engaged, they’re usually satisfied with their work and their employer. As a result, they’ll work harder, feel like they can make a difference, and be inspired to do big things for their employer. A wireless solution and an open policy for using personal devices at work will have a lot to do with this engagement.

And interestingly enough, this has nothing to with age. 20% of all employees (from age 18 to 65) would not work for an employer who did not allow the use of personal devices in the workplace.

3. Workflows can be customized.

Everyone is productive in their own way. You could say that each person has their own special brand of productivity. One person might work perfectly fine on a laptop, while another person might need a desktop computer, second monitor, and smartphone.

This being said, a wireless solution gives people the ability to customize their workflows and to be as productive as they can be. In this instance, you could take your laptop and work from the bench outside the office for a few hours. Or say you just don’t like the equipment your work provides you with. You think the computer is slow and outdated, so the fact that you can use your personal laptop at all is a big deal.

All in all, a wireless solution gives you customization, and customization gives you more efficiency.

These aren’t the only benefits of a wireless solution. In fact, this is really just the beginning. So if you want to learn more, check out 3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Better Wi-Fi Solution.