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While the COVID-19 pandemic has created immense uncertainty about what lays ahead, one particular aspect of our future couldn’t be more apparent: The remote workforce is here to stay.  Even as states move to reopen parts of their economies, we all need to be prepared to move back and forth between a traditional office setting […]


As the Coronavirus updates roll in and uncertainty mounts about what our new normal will look like, one thing is clear; social distancing means remote work is going to be a big part of every workforce’s foreseeable future. Here are a few tips on how to stay secure, motivated, and sane while shifting your day-to-day […]

The Importance of a Bulletproof Disaster Recovery Plan

If you have a nasty habit of putting things off in your day-to-day life (who doesn’t), the result might be a bit of personal disappointment and some lip-service about turning a new leaf. But in today’s hyper-connected business world, waiting just a moment too long might have disastrous consequences for your entire workplace. With National Procrastination […]

Achieving Compliance With Kari’s Law And E911

A 2013 tragedy in a Texas hotel room could have been averted if the family member who tried to call for help knew that they needed to dial “9” to get an outside line before reaching 911 on the hotel’s multi-telephone system (MLTS). This senseless tragedy sparked a petition, to require businesses to make it […]

Why A Proper Network Assessment Is A Yearly Requirement

If you celebrated the New Year by toasting another 365 days of successful business, we applaud you. But just because everything went according to plan last year doesn’t mean you should let your guard down in the year to come. Whatever resolutions you might have made, it’s essential that you add a network assessment to […]

The Advantages and Disadvantages Of BYOD

No one wants to be that person. You know the one. The “Three Phone Peter” who needs an extra briefcase to lug around the various devices they need every day. To avoid this excruciating burden, modern workplaces are rapidly evolving towards “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) policies that conveniently allow employees to utilize their own […]

Users Beware: Microsoft 7 End of life is Near

It’s the end of an era. January 14th, 2020 marks the moment at which Microsoft’s support for Windows 7 will come to a close as Microsoft 7 reaches its End of Life Date. Pledging ten years of product support when the popular operating system was released in October of 2009, Microsoft has fulfilled its commitment […]

Get Control of Your Shadow IT

USING THE PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE TO CONTROL SHADOW IT The ultimate elephant in the room, “Shadow IT” is the term used to describe IT solutions and systems that are used by employees within an organization without its authorization. As it’s impossible to protect what you don’t know is being used, any Shadow IT solutions […]

The Importance of a Proper Network Assessment

A secure and robust network is always an unheralded achievement. If everything is running smoothly, there never seems to be much to talk about. Yet for this exact reason, many companies can be lulled into complacency by assuming that no news is good news. To truly gain peace of mind when it comes to network […]