Database Administrator – Herndon VA Area

Location: Herndon, Virginia

Required Skills

  • Database Administration Skills
  • Ability to configure/manage DB2 instances
  • Ability to obtain/modify database manager configuration information
  • Ability to obtain/modify database configuration information
  • Knowledge of Configurable Online Parameters
  • Ability to configure client/server connectivity
  • Ability to use the GUI tools for administration
  • Ability to configure client server connectivity
  • Skill in interpreting the notify log and the diag log
  • Ability to obtain and modify DB2 registry variables
  • Skill in discussing the use of schemas
  • Ability to create and discuss the characteristics of an SMS table space or DMS table space
  • Skill in examining the contents of the System Catalog tables
  • Knowledge to identify and explain issues on index recreation
  • Knowledge of database logging
  • Knowledge of Roll Forward recovery
  • Knowledge of DB2 authentication
  • Knowledge of DB2 authorizations
  • Ability to set user and/or group privileges
  • Knowledge of transactions (i.e., commit/rollback and transaction boundaries)
  • Ability to call a procedure or invoke a user defined function

Optional Skills

  • Operational Skills specific to Email Archive System
  • Knowledge of the DB2 commands
  • Ability to use the DB2 Control Center
  • Ability to schedule jobs
  • Ability to create and manage: Databases, Tables, Indexes, Views and other various DB2 objects
  • Ability to identify the functions of Problem Determination Tools (e.g., db2pd)
  • Ability to use the REORG, REORGCHK, REBIND, RUNSTATS utilities
  • Ability to perform database-level and table space level BACKUP & RESTORE
  • Ability to use Tivoli Storage Management (TSM) for Backups, Log Archiving and Recovery
  • Understand the configuration of the TSM client on UNIX
  • Ability to create and use UNIX scripts
  • Ability to use SOL to SELECT data from tables
  • Ability to use SOL to SORT or GROUP data
  • Ability to use SOL to UPDATE, DELETE, or INSERT data

Education / Experience

BA/BS Degree required, MA or MS a plus

Applicants selected will be subject to a security investigation and may need to meet eligibility requirements for access to classified information

Other Requirements

Active TS/SCI with poly