cloud benefits

Working Remotely and Other Cool Cloud Benefits for Businesses

The cloud is the coolest thing that’s ever happened.

That may be a bit of a hyperbole, but there are certainly amazing things that come with cloud computing. Every day, technology gets better, offering cloud benefits like more convenience, more applications, and more savings in money and time.

So, what should you be doing with the cloud now?

Cloud Benefits


If you’re not measurably faster than you were before the cloud, you’re doing it wrong. SMBs all over the world are improving form and function, streamlining their processes and picking up the pace of their growth. But it isn’t just about productivity. It’s about possibility. Have you seen what the cloud has done for DNA scanning? It brought months of waiting down to a few hours.


Are you looking at your analytics? One of the most valuable (and measurable) methods of keeping up with your company’s productivity and effectiveness in the market is by using cloud analytics. With cloud analytics you can target your customers in previously impossible ways, so you can deliver what they need, when they need it, while also discovering who your loyal customers are.


Too many offices these days aren’t aligned on software. When you get your team in the cloud, everyone works on the same productivity tools. This means no more trying to convert files from one format to another, wasting time saving and resaving documents. With cloud computing, you can work on the same document at the same time if you want. Everything is streamlined.

Disaster Recovery

If your entire organization is backed up to your servers or a couple of external hard drives, you’re in a precarious position. Cloud BDR (Backup and Disaster Recovery) is a huge industry for good reason: Having some level of off-site backup is essential business security practice. Whether you have total cloud BDR solutions or a hybrid of off- and on-site coverage, you never want your eggs in one basket, as they say.

Working Remotely

Remote working opportunities have been shown again and again to be an increasing interest from employees. Working from home is an exciting and high-value benefit that the cloud now makes possible. Remote working can now be as secure as office workspaces, thanks to VPN access and other controls that give you both flexibility and peace of mind. Seamless transition from in-office and out-of-office working means that you never lose step with your business goals.

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