technical support specialist talks with clients

The Difference Between an IT Guy and a Technical Support Specialist

Your company’s IT network is central to its productivity. When your internet goes down or a computer crashes, you quickly act because it’s never a laundry list item. No access to technology means no working. IT is critical to your business’ success. So, why do you turn to your yellow pages IT Guy every time there’s a problem. It’s time to leave the “good ole boy” behind and hire a Technical Support Specialist.

What Your IT Guy Can and Can’t Do

You might be loyal to your IT guy, but is that loyalty decreasing your productivity and affecting your bottom line? You probably don’t even know.

If your business is small, your IT guy might not be on staff. This also means they most likely aren’t monitoring your system. You might call your IT guy every time something goes wrong. After all, there’s no need to pay for IT services when nothing is wrong. Not exactly. Sure, this saves money by eliminating recurring fees, but also loses money because your company can’t work. Every minute your servers are offline is another minute your employees are unable to work.

If your business is large, you might employ an IT guy full-time. He might even be lucky enough to have a small staff. But how long has he been in the industry and how skilled is his team? If you have been in business since at least the ‘90s, the chances are high your IT guy was originally repurposed and learned everything on the job. When your company grew, they simply trained a new staff member to meet increasing workloads. While this has kept your business afloat, do you feel like you’re keeping up with IT industry standards?

If you’ve never heard of VoIP, don’t have a backup and disaster recovery plan, or your employees are always struggling with their Internet access, your IT guy is losing you money.

The Technical Support Specialist Difference

A Technical Support Specialist can do everything an IT guy does but better. Technical Support Specialists employ a diversified staff capable of handling every IT problem promptly. But the benefits only start there, as Technical Support Specialists offer both managed and professional services.

Managed services involve doing what your phonebook IT guy can’t: 24/7 monitoring. Managed service providers monitor your system and fix things before they go wrong. You save time and money by keeping employees on the job. Reactive services aren’t avoidable in every situation. However, the less time your company spends reacting, the more productive you can be.

Where managed services leave off, professional service pick up the slack. In short, professional services involve conducting on-site IT services. Examples include server calibrations, setting up new computer systems, or installing VoIP phone equipment. While your IT guy might seem like the right fit for the job, Technical Support Specialists don’t do guesswork. They get the job do right the first time.

Our Team at AdRem Systems, while not your ordinary IT guy, are loyal to making sure your company performs at its best. Give us some time, and you’ll see we offer just as much care at a higher quality level.