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What to Do if Your Disaster Recovery Plan Fails

If disaster struck your business today, do you feel confident in your recovery? When you don’t have a proper backup and disaster recovery plan, there is a strong sense of danger you could be feeling. Because you don’t know what’s on the other side of the disaster. What happens to your data? Your infrastructure? Sure, you have business insurance, but how would a disaster affect the core of your business?

No Plan

If you have no backup plan, you’re not alone: 96% of workstations are not backed up. This means that if there’s flooding, for example, all your data is gone. Any contracts you have, all client information, any in-progress work, all sales leads: Everything washed away in the flood.

How do you recover your business when you have no backup plan? The simple answer is, you don’t. With most business relying on computers, you lose everything. Insurance will help you with the physical and financial losses, but you have no business. You’ll be starting over.

Some Plan

A lot of business use hard drives to have daily backups of their data. The problem with external hard drives is twofold. For starters, they generally last only a few years. The warranties, in fact, are usually only one year. So, you need to test your backups constantly. And cross your fingers.

External hard drives can be helpful, but damage to them can be catastrophic. Relying solely on these can leaving you sweating after a disaster.

A Big Plan

Maybe you thought it all out. You’ve got external hard drives for your data, you’ve got some cloud backups that you found online, you’ve even got a second server just in case. But when disaster strikes, how do you know your systems will work? Do you know how to execute a recovery that is efficient and quick?

Many businesses have untested plans, and this can be devastating. Even a couple of days offline can be detrimental to your success, particularly if you spend those days trying to get back online. So, even if you’ve prepared for disaster recovery, slow execution can be extremely harmful.

AdRem Disaster Recovery Plan

We take a different approach. Our all-encompassing backup disaster and recovery plan is catered to your business needs. How much tolerance do you have for downtime? How long can your team work outside of the office? How can you recover your data as quickly as possible, so you can address the needs of your customers?

So, what do you do if your disaster recovery plan fails? Contact AdRem. We may not be able to recover what you have lost so far, but we can help protect you from oncoming danger. We develop a full-scale backup and disaster recovery plan that is a living document, tested and updated frequently.

Call us today to protect your business.