an ethernet cable with a physical lock on it – an ineffective form or cyber security

Ineffective Methods of Cyber Security

Many companies feel cyber security is expensive or unnecessary, so they take matters into their own hands. We have enough experience in the industry to conclude cyber security is neither unnecessary nor costly, particularly when you consider the expensive alternatives that leave businesses vulnerable.

We can provide the ideal solution for improving your network security. Here are some methods of cyber security we hope you have not come across and that we don’t recommend.

Surround Your Building in Lead

Superman can’t see through the lead. So, hackers can’t penetrate it to get to your business, right?

Lead is heavy. Surrounding an entire building in lead is difficult, not to mention if you leave windows and doors uncovered, how will your staff get in and out?

Lead is also dangerous to humans, making this an even worse idea.

Solution: use a firewall.

Note: this does not involve real fire, nor a real wall.

Keep Your Screens on the Lowest Brightness Setting

In addition to reducing energy costs, using the lowest screen brightness on all your machines ensures only people who are sitting with their faces inches from them have access to information.

The negatives of this approach, however, are the increased costs of optical care for your staff, and the fact that data doesn’t live exclusively on screens. It can be found on storage devices and traveling over networks. If hackers want to access your data, they can help themselves without ever looking at your computer.

Solution: turn the brightness back up and install that firewall.

Write in Code

By conducting communications in code – such as a script based on ancient hieroglyphics – only your staff can decipher the messages, making your communications safe.

Translating every document from a complex cipher, however, takes time, and time is money.

Aside from the general inefficiency, any staff member who tries to communicate with a customer or supplier in this manner will experience frustrations.

Solution: use email encryption. Your network will take care of the codes, so you don’t have to.

Never Update Software

If you don’t update your software, hackers can’t target you because they will have forgotten that those applications even exist.

The downside to this idea is that it’s not true. Software updates typically contain security improvements. By deliberately refusing to update or upgrade your software, you are inviting malware, trojans, ransomware and other undesirables to make themselves at home on your network.

Get Serious about Your Cyber Security

Some of these ridiculous and ineffective methods require a lot of effort and money. At AdRem, our team is serious about your business’ cyber security. Give us a call, and give your business the protection it needs.