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How to Make Your Workflow Seamless

Work smarter, not harder.

We love exploring productivity. You might say we’re obsessed. Because productivity can be dramatically affected by the tiniest influences. It’s a bit like a puzzle. You start looking for patterns, similarities in the colors and shapes of things, and it all starts coming together.

The same goes for your staff. You have to work smarter, not harder. When you do, your work/life balance makes more sense.

So, how do you make your workflow more seamless?

Productivity starts with your tools.

Years of stats, in fact, have shown how much time is wasted in communication. For example: 57% of work interruptions are caused by social media or switching between applications.

That’s a lot of interruptions.

In our recent whitepaper “Boost Your Productivity with Collaboration,” we talked about the tools we like to use.

IBM Connections

One of the most exciting features of this program is its file sharing abilities. File sharing means that everyone on your team is in sync on your documents. There is never a question about latest drafts and versions. File storage architectures allow you to create the hierarchy your business needs, based on employee level and security protocols.  

Office 365

Microsoft’s Office 365 is exploding in popularity, with a goal of reaching 100 million users by the end of 2017. This cloud-based network of the core business applications from Microsoft—Word, Excel, PowerPoint and others—not only puts your team on the same productivity tools but can change the way your team functions and the results they achieve.

Ring Central

When you want to collaborate on ideas, while integrating your ticketing system, RingCentral can be a huge help. This intuitive platform gives you team messaging that cuts down on the email clutter we’re all sick of seeing.  You can incorporate your Evernote and Jira apps into the system so that your team is in sync whenever and wherever they work.

Examine your workflow.

One of the key components to achieving seamless workflow is to examine every aspect of your business and align them with your business goals. The more thorough your discovery of your processes, the greater the results. Productivity is a discovery because your needs change as you grow. That’s where AdRem can help.

The AdRem Solution

When you work with us, we focus on getting your team on the tools and the infrastructure you need to reach your goals. Our collaboration tools:

  • Let your team work together on projects whether they’re in a different room, a different building, or a different state
  • Work with any device – even smartphones
  • Enhance business productivity, accuracy and profitability

Contact us today to reach your business goals.