Every business owner knows that unexpected challenges are part of the job description. But 2020’s almost overnight shift to decentralized, remote work left even the most adaptable companies scrambling to implement makeshift solutions in the spur of the moment.

Now that the dust is settling somewhat, we can safely say that cloud-based workloads and off-premise computing are here to stay. We also know that cyber attackers are rushing to take advantage of the messy cybersecurity aftermath. But the silver lining is that a few innovative solution providers’ have responded by radically rethinking the fundamentals of cybersecurity and remote connectivity.

Emerging from this renaissance is an exciting new alternative security solution known as Secure Access Service Edge or SASE (pronounced “Sassy”). Today’s SASE solutions are scalable and affordable for any size business, ranging from one employee to thousands of geographically located employees.


The way conventional cybersecurity works is users connect with a centralized data center that has configured a myriad of solutions (firewalls, VPNs, SD-WAN) in an attempt to strike a balance between safety, speed, and ease of use. This balance has always been a bit of a dilemma. If you increase security, the process becomes slower and more complex. If you simplify, you have to pull back on the number of security features. Additionally, when users work remotely, they usually either end up bypassing many of the safety solutions by using their own routers, printers, and devices or have to backhaul all traffic to the on-premise network and then back out to the cloud.

SASE provides a natural solution to this situation. Essentially, it bundles a host of crucial cloud-native wide-area networking and security components into a single, comprehensive cloud-delivered service. Instead of sending traffic through centralized data centers, users can now walk into Starbucks and connect to their Wi-Fi, and the users’ corporate network, along with all its security and policies, follow the device (laptop, mobile phone, tablet, etc.). – No complicated Firewalls or VPNs needed.


Instead of attempting to wrangle and control remote workforces, SASE has fully embraced the “work from anywhere” ethos by combining network and security into one harmonious service. This paradigm shift provides several immediate benefits:

Adaptability – An elastic service that can be easily scaled and adapted to various workplace scenarios, SASE provides your company with fantastic flexibility.

Cost Control – SASE helps cut IT costs by eliminating hardware and upkeep and minimizing the amount of security software products you need to buy, operate, and maintain.

Simplified Operations – Complex, multi-site networks are now a thing of the past. Existing staff can quickly master deployment and operations while controlling end-to-end security functions within a single platform.

Better Security – SASE gives users an easy way to make themselves more secure and gives you more visibility into your network.

In short, it is an unavoidable fact that companies will be forced to think outside the traditional office structure going forward. SASE allows users to connect to a network where they want, when they want, and stay secure while doing so.

Looking to find out more about the way SASE solutions will change the way we work? Contact AdRem Business IT Specialists for a full primer on the latest advances in network cybersecurity.