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Did You Know Online Video Games Utilize a Softphone System?

Video games are all the rage, especially games that allow direct communication between players online using a headset. Think about some of the most popular games out there and immediately World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Destiny and Battlefield come to mind. The reason is that those games, and others like them, allow players to engage on a deeper level.

Gamers are able to talk to each other in real-time, just like you and I can by using our cell phones, while going on missions, beating a boss, or playing head-to-head or co-op. This is possible because games like the ones mentioned are actually utilizing a software phone (softphone) system. Softphone systems aren’t just for video games, though. These internet-connected phone systems offer tremendous benefits and advantages for businesses of all sizes.

The Advantages of Soft Phone Systems for Business

The time of the landline phone is over. Companies that still have landlines likely have them because they simply haven’t made the time to transition to a softphone system yet. And, soft phones, mind you, are able to be used on a computer or mobile device like a smartphone or tablet which only adds to their convenience.

Other advantages include how flexible the technology is, allowing companies to instantly scale how many or how few numbers they need, and of course the substantial cost savings.

Improved Worker Productivity

Considering that workforces have become more mobile and work remotely more often than they ever have before, a softphone system actually helps keep them connected to the company and their work. Softphones work on computers and mobile devices so your employees can literally work from anywhere with an internet connection. Missed calls and garbled messages will become a thing of the past.

Substantial Cost-Savings

Any company that still employs the use of physical desk phones and landlines know just how expensive they can be. Most desk phones that are suitable for business purposes can easily cost upwards of $100 for just the phone itself. That doesn’t include costs associated with installation, upkeep, and any additional features or functionality your company would require. Even for a small business with 40 or so employees, you’re looking at an initial investment of roughly $4,000 for the equipment, and who knows how much more for installation and upkeep.

Softphone systems, however, can be rented or purchased at a much lower cost, nearly 80% less typically. You don’t have to be an accountant or math wiz to understand the very real cost savings associated by switching to a softphone system.

Always Connected

Softphone technology means you are no longer limited to where the person who is assigned a specific number is located at. That particular number doesn’t have to necessarily be in the office or even have a physical desk phone. Softphones are always connected and always on because they can be installed on computers and mobile devices.

Learn More About Softphone Systems

AdRem has been working with clients to make sure they are communicating as effectively as possible. This is accomplished by working with your organization on developing and implementing a softphone system that is aligned with your communication needs.

To learn more about how adopting a softphone system, or transitioning to a more effective one, could benefit your organization, contact AdRem today.