Are You Prepared for an IT Disaster?

The days are getting longer, the weather is warming up and school is almost out. Is your business ready for summer?

When we think of summertime, most of us imagine warm days, spending hours outside soaking up the sun, hosting cookouts, and being more active. However, this season can also bring increased risks to your business and your IT infrastructure.

As we get ready to enjoy the summer sunshine, we also need to prepare for the summer storms. With both the Potomac River and the ocean close by, flooding is a serious concern to our local businesses. Over the past two years, we have been experiencing these disasters with growing frequency. Many have already been affected this year by the catastrophic floods in Ellicott City, Maryland.

It’s time to prepare your IT infrastructure to face these growing threats.

Natural disasters are an environmental reality, but too many local businesses are not ready for the ways in which Mother Nature can impact their IT system. Many of us understandably focus only on personal safety. We prepare our homes, buying flashlights and batteries, and stocking up on water. All too often, we overlook disaster planning for our businesses. When disaster strikes, will your business be prepared?

Typically, business owners think of IT disasters in terms of hacks and data breaches. But building a plan for natural disasters is just as critical to any IT strategy. Each area of the country has its own set of risks, and even a strong thunderstorm could lead to power outages that create downtime if you are not prepared. That’s why every business needs a Disaster Recovery Plan that includes environmental factors. In our area, we know that we must prepare for severe flooding.
You understand that planning is key, but where do you begin? The good news is that you don’t have to face these threats alone. At AdRem Systems, we act as your partners in preparedness. We are here to help you plan for any potential IT problem, including the natural disasters that threaten our area.

As a company who partners with every sector, including the United States Intelligence Community and Federal Government Departments and Agencies, we understand the importance of decreasing your potential for downtime. Our goals in building your customized Disaster Recovery Plan include:

  • Minimizing the disruption of business operations
  • Minimizing the risk of delays
  • Ensuring data and network security
  • Creating reliable backup systems
  • Planning for how to restore operations with speed

We are ready to help you build a proactive plan. Our Disaster Recovery services empower you to keep your business up and active in the face of threats, whether natural or man-made. We ensure your files are backed up so that a power outage, or even flooding, does not leave you scrambling to retrieve critical data. The AdRem team will assess the potential threats to your infrastructure and work with you to plan for each scenario. Whether you are facing cyberattacks or tracking an approaching hurricane, we can provide the tools to defend your business.
Do you already have a Disaster Recovery Plan in place? We can also help you assess and update your current plan. Disaster Recovery Plans must be regularly updated to ensure they are still relevant to the tools your business utilizes.

Let us worry about the summer storms so you can enjoy the sunshine. Contact AdRem Systems today to learn more about how we can craft your Disaster Recovery Plan. Your IT infrastructure is too important to risk.