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Small Business Consulting Can Help You Avoid These Common Mistakes

When driving your business toward success, you can hit bumps or you can hit roadblocks. Because technology isn’t everyone’s highest priority, many businesses can find themselves settling for faulty technological situations, ranging from slight irritations to catastrophic events.

For small businesses, technology consulting can make a huge difference in the productivity and progressive movement of your work. Here are four common problems that small business consulting can fix or help you avoid.

Dead Wi-Fi

It’s embarrassing. You have clients in the office and the conference room is right in the Wi-Fi dead spot. This is because Wi-Fi signals are curved and are missing the room. Likewise, heavy business apps are sucking the life out of the broadband. Luckily, wireless network mapping can give you the Wi-Fi you deserve.

“With a wireless network mapped, configured, secured and implemented by your managed services provider, you enjoy a strategically designed solution that improves IT efficiency and employee connectivity. That means you’ve simplified wireless operations and management.” Read our whitepaper, “Rethink Your Wireless Access Points.”

Storage Deficit

Endlessly chasing the right amount of data storage? Whether you’ve got servers on premise or you’re working in the cloud, you want to pay for what you need as your business grows. But without the right expertise, you could be facing a lot of guesswork.

A great small business consultant can help you analyze your system for the best solutions for your data storage. This way, you can scale and never worry about hiccups along the way.

Break-Fix Mode

Surprise invoices are the bane of many small businesses. Without proper technology planning, your IT budget can get beaten down by unexpected expenses. Every time a cup of coffee spills on a keyboard, you reach for the phone to call your IT guy. Hundreds of dollars later, you’re scrambling to find a better method.

Get out of break-fix mode. With IT consulting, you develop processes and procedures to plan for many IT emergencies. You can streamline your IT budget with flat-rate support, planning out a budget that ensures that you never get caught by the unexpected.


One the most difficult problems that small business have to address is the problem of cybersecurity. Many don’t know that they haven’t planned appropriately until it’s too late. Do you have the right antivirus, firewalls, cybersecurity procedures? Is your staff in line with your thinking?

With consulting, you can get a full systems analysis, so you can sleep easy at night knowing you’ve done your due diligence in developing the right cybersecurity for your business.

Read our whitepaper: “5 Reasons Why You Need IT Consulting”

Our Small Business Consulting Solution

We know business and we know workflow. Our expert IT consultants will evaluate your current processes and work with you to design a new workflow which will help you boost productivity and make your life a lot easier.

With AdRem, small business consulting for your business has a greater chance of success. Call us today to get started.