Managed Services

How to Tell if Your Company Needs Managed IT Services

So, you’re considering managed IT services, but you’re still on the fence. We want to give you three ways to tell that it’s time for your company to use managed IT services.

  1.  You think you’re spending too much on your IT.

Every few months, do you look at your budget and wonder why your computers, software and networks are so expensive? Conversely, are your computers and mobile devices being held together by duct tape? Either means that it’s time for you to consider managed IT services.

Our team of experts doesn’t go to work for you—we go to work with you. Acting as your partner, we assess your current resources, needs and goals. We compare your budget to what your business is currently doing to get you up to speed and efficiently running. Your network, hardware and software combination will have you performing head and shoulders above your competition.

Managed IT services keeps you from throwing money away on the newest, shiniest equipment, gadgets and telecommunications services. And it will also keep you from using equipment that is dilapidated and barely functional.

  1.  You just don’t have the time anymore.

Your business is growing. You don’t have the time to become an expert in the ever-changing world of IT. As they say in the theme song to “Top Gun,” you’re really flying into the danger zone if something goes wrong with your network.

At this point, you would have to stop your current workflow and roll the dice on hiring an IT specialist. That process is expensive, and you never know who you’ll bring on and what experience comes with them.

Why take on any more risks and potentially lose money? You can hire a managed IT services firm with proven experience and a track record to take over the controls of your network and computing systems for you.

  1.  You care about your security.

There are two problems that your company faces right now, and unfortunately, you have no control over it. Cybercrime is on an incredible rise, and your company has become a bigger target than ever before.

According to Security Intelligence, more than 50% of small- to mid-sized businesses are hacked every year. Cybercrime is not only at an all-time high, it’s becoming easier and easier for the criminals and hackers to try to attack you. What further complicates this is that your company’s profile rises the more successful you get.

Some hackers like to go after bigger businesses because they want to make a name for themselves or get into the news. The larger your business, the more attention it gets. We know you’re aware of this, but sometimes you just have to be reminded that it’s time to bring in an expert team to watch your back and make sure that your network security is as strong as it can possibly be. It’s time for managed IT services.

Whether your budget is out of control, you just don’t have the time for it, or you’re concerned about your business’s security, you know that you need managed IT services.

We would love to partner with you to help your business with any of your IT concerns or needs. If you can tell it’s time for managed IT services, reach out to one of our experts today.