The Importance of a Proper Network Assessment

A secure and robust network is always an unheralded achievement. If everything is running smoothly, there never seems to be much to talk about. Yet for this exact reason, many companies can be lulled into complacency by assuming that no news is good news. To truly gain peace of mind when it comes to network performance, you’ll need to complete the thorough review of your IT systems known as a network assessment. This essential process can give you a comprehensive snapshot of the current status of your infrastructure so you can make more informed business decisions and identify issues before they affect your bottom line. Here, we’ll detail three of the most important benefits.


When it comes to cybersecurity, the stakes are impossibly high. According to IBM’s  2018 Cost of a Data Breach Study, a data breach will cost a business an average of $3.9 million. And with lucrative returns awaiting them, hackers are constantly inventing new ways to attack your systems. This means that what was considered safe yesterday may not be fully protected today. Performing a network assessment gives you a current probe of your internal weaknesses so that you can combat the latest threats with the most current preventative measures. To do so, you’ll need to perform a comprehensive scan of all the ports and vectors in your system and ensure you’re using proper encryption and authentication controls so you can patch up glaring weaknesses before they are exploited.


Beyond just staying safe, a network assessment can also help you streamline user traffic and identify areas where you may be utilizing resources ineffectively. By diving into the details and identifying which departments in your organization require the most bandwidth, you can eliminate bottlenecks and properly allocate your resources to optimize network performance.


Inevitably as you begin to get a clearer picture of the way your network operates and the various strengths and weaknesses, you’ll want to make sure this knowledge is shared with everyone in your organization. Utilize the information you gather to create clear policies surrounding network access so you can segment your systems to limit damage in the event of an attack. Its also imperative that you clearly define proper usage for your employees. A network assessment should be used to implement protocols that increase security and efficiency and assist your company in maximizing productivity and avoiding unnecessary cybersecurity risks.

Ideally, network assessments should be done with regularity so you can stay vigilant and prepared. But the most crucial time for a network assessment is before any large-scale changes to your network infrastructure, such as moving to the cloud. If you’re looking to roll-out important updates to your network or just seeking a clearer picture on the inner workings of your IT infrastructure, contact AdRem Systems. Our professional IT experts can assist you in technology planning for the future and provide you with the knowledge and understanding to know your network is secure in the present.