Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Admittedly, it’s an annoying question, but we spend our lives trying to go from one side of that question to the other. Whether at home or at work, we’re always looking for new methods of productivity to help streamline our lives.

Take that sentiment to your business and consider how you can use streamlining techniques to make projects big and small help you work more efficiently. Here are some of our favorite techniques for improving workflow and productivity.

Eliminate Unnecessary Steps

According to PMI, projects are 2.5 times more successful when proven project management techniques are utilized. The bad news is that a lot of time is wasted on congested workflow practices. The good news is that there is a lot of room for improvement.

When you analyze your company’s processes, you often discover steps in the workflow that were created as temporary solutions, never replaced with a more lasting solution, reconfigured based on learned information. Often we consult with businesses who have multiple steps that can be consolidated or eliminated outright. By really drilling down into your workflow, you can make huge gains in your productivity.

Plan for Growth

Ad hoc fixes are the barnacles on the Good Ship of Growth. They slow down momentum significantly, but are often hard to discover because they are ingrained as part of your processes. But what are the long-term implications of your decision-making? Are you planning for the future, or are you stuck in the here and now?

Whenever proposing new solutions, it’s imperative that you ask what effects they’ll have on long-term goals. Six months out, a year, five years: How does your solution hold up over time? Does it rely too heavily on a single employee? It’s time to start expecting growth.

By planning for growth, you discover new freedom in your workflow, giving you the ability to scale that short-term thinking doesn’t allow. This is especially true when budgeting your IT. You never want to be stuck paying for yesterday’s technology.

Outsource Your IT

One of the easiest ways to improve your workflow and productivity is to outsource your IT with managed IT services. By offloading your IT, you discover some of the amazing benefits of having technology experts on hand. This isn’t just about improving the tech that you have, although that’s part of it. With managed IT, you have an expert partner that helps you create workflows around your technology so that you can reach your business goals.

With outsourced IT, you’re able to dedicate more time to special projects and tasks, because your technology is no longer a hindrance to your company, it’s part of the solution.

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When you partner with AdRem Systems, you get a dedicated IT provider, helping you reconfigure your current technology to improve workflow, and also innovate your business in the future.

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