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Superheroes to the Rescue: Work Smarter Not Harder in Your Business

You could be forgiven if the first things that come to mind when you hear the word “superheroes” are “tight tights” and/or “box office billions.” But, the truth is that if you scratch the surface of some of your favorite superhero sagas, you’ll see how to work smarter not harder in your business.

One of the most fascinating things to explore in the multiverse of superhero comics is the relationship between mentor and protégé. If you think back, you’ll be able to recognize your favorite superhero’s time with their mentor.

Take Batman for instance. When Bruce Wayne begins to train for his war on crime, he’s able to travel the world and hone his skills under masters of martial arts, disguise, and deduction. Later, he passes on this knowledge to a series of sidekicks called Robin (Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, and his own son, Damian).

What’s that got to do with business? A lot!

Superhero stories constantly point out the importance of education, and education is just as important in your business.

If Batman wants Robin to operate the Batcave while he’s off fighting Darkseid in outer space, he’s going to have to teach Robin quite a lot about Batcave operations.

The Batcave has very specific security protocols, limited access, and requires a huge amount of data encryption and computational power. If Batman doesn’t teach Robin, then one day, Robin might mess up and let the Joker in for one of his impromptu marathons of chaos and destruction.

Now, think about your own business. Every day, you expect your employees to maintain the well-being of thousands of dollars of equipment, to safely access secure data, and to generally not destroy your entire business by accident. If you expect them to do this well, you have to educate and train them.

The flipside of things is just about as scary as a late-night run-in with the Killer Croc. In fact, 55 percent of organizations have had a security incident or data breach due to a malicious or negligent employee.

Another report finds that from 20 years of collecting incident data, human error (i.e., bad operations) is responsible for approximately 70% of all data center incidents.

What happens when your business receives a security incident or data breach? Mostly…an impromptu marathon of chaos and destruction. The two biggest enemies are data loss and downtime.“On average, small companies lost over $100,000 per ransomware incident due to downtime”.

Not even billionaire Bruce Wayne wants to throw down hundreds of thousands of dollars when he could just sit his team down and teach them a thing or two.

So what are these pearls of wisdom you should be imparting to your team?  Well, there are quite a few.

Don’t Open the Door for Strangers

Ransomware viruses often come in through attachments (PDFs, mp3s, etc.) delivered by some random, official looking email that your employees may or may not recognize.

If a box shows up on the doorstep of Wayne Manor with a fat purple question mark, you can bet that Robin is going to opt out of tearing it open on-the-spot. Same goes for your office.

Your employees should never open strange, “questionable” attachments. The chances are, you’re dealing with the Riddler, not your non-existent Aunt Petunia who left you her non-existent fortune in her non-existent will.

Know Your Strengths

Though the members of the Justice League are all about as different as you can get, (Superman is an alien, Green Arrow really likes archery), they all have one thing in common: each other on speed dial.

Sometimes, a job is just too big/complicated for one person. That’s perfectly fine. Not even Superman can do it all. Part of working smarter, not harder is knowing when to call in some outside help.

When there’s a villain in town who runs circles around Batman, he calls the Flash. When your team has a project that requires some professional expertise, they can call AdRem.

Calling out for a Hero?

It’s more important than ever to educate your team about the best practices in your business. We have tons of other ways to work smarter, not harder. Call us soon and we’ll give you some more super tips.